Injection moulding Prilep as a plastic injection moulding manufacturer and supplier, specializes in Plastic injection moulding and insert moulding. Our injection moulded car parts for the automotive industry are predominantly engineered with the highest quality.

We process many engineering polymers, including:

PA6, PA66 – Nylon
POM – Acetal
PC – Polycarbonate
PPC – Polypropylene
PMMA – Polymethyl methacrylate

Injection moulding is a common manufacturing process used to create plastic products and materials. It involves inserting melted plastic granules, into a mould cavities, which are positioned in the interior side of the moulding tool, and designed according to the required shape.

Our injection moulding plant consists of ARBURG machines, from 15 – 200 tonnes with 1 shot, vertical and horizontal machines up to 130 tonnes for insert moulding. Within the group we have machines up to 1100 tonnes.

Using robot handling systems, we can manufacture in the most cost-effective and precise manner.


Pad printing is a printing method which is used on products that are difficult to print on such as rigid and concaved surfaces. This process uses colors that are directly applied to a surface as a secondary operation to plastic molded parts.


Wrapping and Gluing

Wrapping is a process where certain product, usually cable or a wire, is being coated with a certain layer of wrapping tape, in order to provide a wire harness. The wrapping tape is wrapped lengthwise around the wire. With this process the wires are permanently sealed and ready to install. The processing time is minimal.


Gluing is the process, where we are assembling 2 parts, in one. First, the wrapped part is being installed in the gluing machine and assembled with a small plastic part, which contains glue and a small led light, in the interior. In order to maintain and not to interrupt the current flow of the electricity, from the connector to the led light, we use the glue as foundation for the wires and the light.